Chris Harris drives Sir Stirling Moss' Monaco-winning Lotus 18 | Top Gear: Series 29

Taken from last series, back in autumn, here's Chris Harris driving a spectacular nugget of F1 history - the Lotus 18.
Sir Stirling Moss was one of the greatest racing drivers of all time. Having sadly passed away in 2020, Chris Harris set out to make a film in honour of the legendary racer, and what better way than taking Moss' Lotus 18 - the very car he won the 1961 Monaco grand prix in - around Goodwood circuit?
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  • Moss's crash and subsequent testing - the results of which were what caused him to retire - are discussed in a book called "The Day I Died" by Mark Kahn. It's an old book but it's a very good read.

    TheThirdManTheThirdMan10 dagar sedan
  • A man remembered....

    MindDezignMindDezign12 dagar sedan
  • Well done Chris for respecting a true great, Sir Stirling Moss!! A legend then and a legend now. As for the chance to drive his car, lucky you! How much fun would that be (was that?). A true raw car.

    911 Aircooled911 Aircooled18 dagar sedan
  • Guys, that's for you! The best driver to have never won a world championship. PLEASE VOTE! In order to have a valid vote you must click on the link below to open it first, and then leave a ❤ as a reaction (hold on on "like" button and select ❤) Thank you!

    Stefano ZantiStefano Zanti19 dagar sedan
  • Well said Mr Harris. 👍👍

    Luca2007Luca200720 dagar sedan
  • These are the cars fit for modern day Monaco not the current f1

    Adrian OslerAdrian Osler21 dag sedan
  • He may of not been champion. But was always the man to beat. Everyone wanted to know what lap time has moss done. That’s enough to show he was number 1 of his time

    Chris ReadmanChris Readman21 dag sedan
  • Yes!! When racing came first and safety waaay last! The good old times! Nowadays is all about safety and thus as boring as staring at a wall!

    Andres GuerinAndres Guerin22 dagar sedan
  • No way in hell they’d ever have let Clarkson drive that 😂😂😂

    Karl BurnettKarl Burnett23 dagar sedan
  • He needs to be Chris Harris and needs to stop trying to be and sound like the one and only Jeremy Clarkson.... Come on Chris go on and be somebody not someone else...

    Kevin ParksKevin Parks23 dagar sedan
  • This car has no safety. Let's take it to Castle combe....

    vipecrxvipecrx24 dagar sedan
  • Excellent!!!!

    718 Spyder Man718 Spyder Man24 dagar sedan
  • It's basically a 4 wheel motorcycle.

    Colin FoxColin Fox25 dagar sedan
  • That brief film clip @6:41 looked like the old Nurburgring circuit. Retiring when Moss did was probably why he survived into old age/21st Century; as if he continued with racing, the rate of fatalities back then would make the aspect of his surviving to retirement a precarious fate. In retirement, his outgoing personality made him a highly sought after talent for TV racing coverage commentary and analysis; examples of such can be found on SEcrone.

    Bloqk-16Bloqk-1625 dagar sedan
  • Whenever I hear about the Monaco GP of that era, I'm always reminded of the bio pieces I've read about the late Jim Clark, where Monaco was his favorite with it being a tight driver's circuit, but he never finished on the top of the podium for that race. Then on the other hand, he was a multi-time winner at Spa for the Belgium Grand Prix, but that was a circuit he disliked for it being one of the fastest on the F1 calendar.

    Bloqk-16Bloqk-1625 dagar sedan
  • Do one episode on the famous Ken Miles. The one that won the 1966 24 Hours of Daytona and 1966 12 Hours of Sebring. But was robbed of the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans.

    VAHID470VAHID47026 dagar sedan
  • When cars were that small and underpowered relative to today, the Monaco GP actually made sense as a track.

    Elias HåkanssonElias Håkansson26 dagar sedan
  • Great to see so many fanboys of Chris. While an admirer, I am a fanboy of Sir Stirling. Got to meet him at LimeRock in 1985 and see him race his former Lotus and Maserati racecars for vintage weekend. Of course he won all his races. Still incredibly fast and smooth then and up to age 82. He passed 1 year ago and is sharing old race tales with Senna and all the other greats. RIP

    Tom MackTom Mack28 dagar sedan
  • A Toyota Prius is faster than that thing, lol.

    Travel with TonyTravel with TonyMånad sedan
  • Thanks CH! no one else could have done a better tribute to the great Sir Stirling.

    Krit MKrit MMånad sedan
  • 150hp from 1.6l of displacement! That’s just bat shit crazy for back then. Even a modern Honda engine can barely eek out any more than that. It sounds magnificent too!

    richardbixlerrichardbixlerMånad sedan
  • If Chris isn’t by far the highest paid motor journalist there’s something wrong. He’s a genius in his own right.

    John GarrenJohn GarrenMånad sedan
  • Todays Formula 1:s are too fast. They can't have any many passing chances as old formulas had. At the same reason, todays formulas have also too much downforce. Todays formulas are too fast to bee interesting by having competition on track. Last best formula 1 times were when there were for example Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, they were passing each others many times per a lap. Think that. Now it is just boring. Only results may interest me enough. Not seeing competitions at all.

    Tarmo KortelainenTarmo KortelainenMånad sedan
  • Some say the missing side panels were to air the driver's uncomfortably large balls.

    Sanghoon LeeSanghoon LeeMånad sedan
  • Fabulous heartfelt tribute

    Rocker 959Rocker 959Månad sedan
  • IIRC, Moss considered his win at the Nurburgring a better drive than Monaco. It was hard to pass at Monaco and the tight track limited the advantage the Ferraris got from their extra power. But the 'Ring was a faster track with longer straightaways, so the Ferraris should have had the upper hand. But Moss managed the 175 turns like a master and took advantage of a bit of rain to win comfortably.

    James IversonJames IversonMånad sedan
  • I dig the Chris Harris show.

    NDNDMånad sedan
  • Not one of the greatest racing drivers one of our greatest men... That was very emotional

  • A moving tribute, earned by a man. Well done Chris Harris and crew. Well done

    Brian JoyceBrian JoyceMånad sedan
  • this would be a good video if it wasn't the new top hear crew

    aSimpleknightaSimpleknightMånad sedan
  • This reminds me of the Jim Clark tribute the grand tour did. And that can only be taken as a compliment.

    A.D McCormackA.D McCormackMånad sedan
  • Good to hear Raymond Baxter's voice on the archive footage

    tantive4tantive4Månad sedan
  • This show could also be called Chris Harris: Dream Job

    Mark FurstMark FurstMånad sedan
  • Chris Harris has oil in his veins. A worthy successor for Top Gear.

    Yo JoeYo JoeMånad sedan
  • It works best when the new Top Gear looks just like Chris Harris On Cars, right?

    Pedro PaivaPedro PaivaMånad sedan
  • The only thing decent about the new Top Gear is Chris. Paddy and Flintoff seem like nice guys but are hopeless.

    SplootanSplootanMånad sedan
  • Oh!!! I saw a Chipmunk... 😁

    Stéph GagnouletStéph GagnouletMånad sedan
  • Good segment.

    mry82mry82Månad sedan
  • So you couldn't pass at Monaco back then, either.

    roscoe jonesroscoe jonesMånad sedan
  • Chris Harris, a racing driver driving racing cars. Old Top Gear never had that.

    Brad YelichBrad YelichMånad sedan
  • Chris Harris. Nuf said. Epic every time.

    mk privatemk privateMånad sedan
  • Those where such awsome cars man !! Wheels on a rocket hahah

    TwoWheel AddictionTwoWheel AddictionMånad sedan
  • Top Gear better get Chris a personal masseur - his back will be aching from carrying the show!!!

    Mark BollyMark BollyMånad sedan
  • Can't wait for the BBC biopic where he's played by a Senegalese woman.

    fridgemagnetfridgemagnetMånad sedan
  • Absolute legend. Same goes for you CH.

    thejonathanraththejonathanrathMånad sedan
  • What 50 idiots didn't like this??

    bill enrightbill enrightMånad sedan
  • What a stirring tribute to an amazing driver and true gentleman! Thank you Chris and Topgear.

    MrAmv12MrAmv12Månad sedan
  • I enjoyed that... well done.

    cakeofthepan 22cakeofthepan 22Månad sedan
  • Waaaaaaaay too many cuts fire the editor.

  • I never understand why we can't honor people like this when their still with us.

    AlAlMånad sedan
    • We do. Moss was an icon when he was alive to everyone who cared!

      nearlyretirednearlyretired25 dagar sedan
  • Greenscreen?

    Armin H.Armin H.Månad sedan
  • Chris is the only one able to step into te shoes of Clarkson Hammond and May. I've always loved the way he talked about cars even long before his TG time. This short film was simply amazing. Thank you Mr Harris

    WilliRacingWilliRacingMånad sedan
  • Those wheels are SO COOL!

    Trent BrisketTrent BrisketMånad sedan
  • Very fast coffins on wheels back then. Prop shaft between your balls, fuel tanks surrounding you and bugger all in the way of safety. But when you've lived through WW2, you've seen how short life can be. Big respect to them!

    Driftoy ukDriftoy ukMånad sedan
  • Powerful

    peteoheadpeteoheadMånad sedan
  • Nice job Chris... more automotive stories please.

    Cafe RacerCafe RacerMånad sedan
  • Im not sure car winning from pole in monaco is that unusual

    limyohwanlimyohwanMånad sedan
  • A marvellous tribute to Moss. 👍🏼

    Ian James-BaileyIan James-BaileyMånad sedan
  • What is Formula 1 missing these days? Legendary 150 hp winning race cars. Seriously.

    Paul WolffPaul WolffMånad sedan
  • Sir Stirling Moss; What a hero

    Dag GiddingDag GiddingMånad sedan
  • Chills

  • Sterling Moss is like Senna his career was over too soon and had he driven for Ferrari he would have been champion for sure. Senna would have been champion several more times. These 2 and Micheal alwill always be my favorites.

    eichler721eichler721Månad sedan
  • Very good short film.

    Brian GriffithsBrian GriffithsMånad sedan
  • I think it was after the 1960 Monaco Grand Prix, when the car would have had the 2.5 litre Climax engine and Ferrari were running the 2.5 litre front engined V6 Dinos when Phil Hill described driving behind Moss as "Like chasing a greyhound around your living room .... whilst riding a cart-horse!". A nimble car the 18 and a game-changer.

    JACK BOGJACK BOGMånad sedan
  • Beautiful. And 2 BIG questions: 1. What might those tires be like compared to what the car had in-period? Even if dimensions and tread patterns are identical, might not the compound be superior? 2. Well... the same, but for the brakes.

    Gregory MarshGregory MarshMånad sedan
  • AWESOME TRIBUTE ,STIRLING MOSS was a class onto his own!! AND love that CHRIS shows us what that car can still do DRIVE FAST and still perform . l love how you can still see all its mechanical bits in action !! GREAT JOB CHRIS

    richard carrrichard carrMånad sedan
  • I once had a moment three years ago in which I shed a tear and said “you just did what your 14 year old self dreamed you would do” it was beautiful.

    Matthew EvelandMatthew EvelandMånad sedan
  • This car is the one that ever changed the F1 World forever.

    Purwanti AllanPurwanti AllanMånad sedan
  • Big fan of racing at Goodwood , hill climb and the circuit....

    Rick StevensRick StevensMånad sedan
  • Coventry climax fire pump engine, just like the Hillman imp.

    • I believe they were fitted to fork lift trucks too !

      22AJ5522AJ55Månad sedan
  • What a wonderful tribute by Chris Harris and the team!!!

  • I'm not crying, you're crying.

    David WrenDavid WrenMånad sedan
  • How did the drivers fit their huge balls in those tiny cars...

    Boog BoogBoog BoogMånad sedan
  • Fabulous just Fabulous

    Pete DavisPete DavisMånad sedan
  • Just wow... Great job honoring a true legend

    Jeremyk 541Jeremyk 541Månad sedan
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Sterling Moss, sitting on a pit wall and talked to him by myself for several minutes about cars. WHAT? How did that happen? I don't know, but I'm just so glad it did. Really enjoy what you do Chris Harris!

    xyzcomp08xyzcomp08Månad sedan
  • It was such a tragedy that Sir Stirling’s crash ended his driving career, but I cannot help but think he was far better off not driving for the devil himself, Enzo Ferrari. It probably would have cost him his life as well as his soul.

    Z06DocZ06DocMånad sedan
  • What a privilege. You lucky lucky boy. 😉😉

    Brian ThomasBrian ThomasMånad sedan
  • Thank you for a brilliant piece, Chris! One to pass along.

    John WJohn WMånad sedan
  • My grandfather was there and saw Moss's crash at Goodwood...I have stopwatch he was using to follow the lap times.

    Mark HMark HMånad sedan
  • Stirling Moss El mejor piloto de sport y F1 de la década del 50 un fuera de serie fantastico no importan los títulos que no se le dieron de campeón del mundo. Superior a Fangio etc. Argentina.

    Raul AmorenaRaul AmorenaMånad sedan
  • Being a lifelong biker, I had to laugh when Chris started banging on about the lack of seatbelts and side panels!

    simon lloydsimon lloydMånad sedan
  • Most beautiful car ever!!!! :) Thanks for sharing.

    Chad LegaultChad LegaultMånad sedan
  • Through his conveyance of true joy, Harris sets himself apart from most other motoring journalists.

    JD WalkerJD WalkerMånad sedan
  • 2:23 - As an imperialistic American, even I understood that 450kg is light as F. Considering a fully loaded Harley Davidson bagger is 376kg.

    WTFrocksWTFrocksMånad sedan
  • I'm getting deja vous. Is this a re-upload?

    howard mckennahoward mckennaMånad sedan
  • Fitting 🇬🇧

    Ian CharltonIan CharltonMånad sedan
  • when is top gear just gonna give it up . just stop it

    Mike MayersMike MayersMånad sedan
  • This era of F1 belongs in the F1 2021 game

    C AsgianC AsgianMånad sedan
  • A tad jealous at the moment.

    Varun GazderVarun GazderMånad sedan
  • Did anyone notice the cigarette ?

    Dan B.Dan B.Månad sedan
  • thumbs up

    Dave S.Dave S.Månad sedan
  • Excellent episode

    Sb SbSb SbMånad sedan
  • In 1962 I was 8 years old on a farm in OHIO. My Father and I racing Scalextric cars on our huge home built track in the basement. I was Stirling Moss in a lotus, then Trevor Taylor in a Lola and Jim Clark in a Cooper. Some of the happiest moments of my childhood. My Father has passed now but I'll never forget those moments in time. Thanks Chis for the brilliant tribute.

    bandity2kbandity2kMånad sedan
    • @Dennis Merwood 2 outta 3 ain't bad. Hey I was 8 yrs old. lol

      bandity2kbandity2kMånad sedan
    • I don't think Jimmy ever drove a Cooper! LOL In my Scalextric days I was Stirling Moss in a Vanwall.

      Dennis MerwoodDennis MerwoodMånad sedan
  • An outstanding tribute to an outstanding man. R.I.P. Sir Stirling 🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Darren TadmanDarren TadmanMånad sedan
  • Wow

    Andrew LofthouseAndrew LofthouseMånad sedan
  • Absolutely beautiful Chris Harris. What a tribute

    Woody WoodogWoody WoodogMånad sedan
  • Absolutely fantastic.

    Alvaro MurilloAlvaro MurilloMånad sedan
  • "Paint it blue like my lotus" (Laughs in N.A.R.T.)

    Matt HorkanMatt HorkanMånad sedan
  • Guys its 2021 and both Chuck Yeager and Stirling Moss are dead :( 2 people i spent the last 10 years saying "wow these guys are still alive" :(

    Matt HorkanMatt HorkanMånad sedan