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Welcome to the official home of Top Gear on SEcrone. Here you will find all the best clips from your favourite episodes, whether that’s Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, Freddie Flintoff bungee jumping off a bridge, or trailers for the new series. You’ll find performance reviews in our series Chris Harris Drives, the best power laps from The Stig and super cars being put up against each other in our Drag Races. You can also find official clips going back over the years featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

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  • 94 FEET? Check your imperial measurements conversion app.

    A G GamingA G Gaming6 timmar sedan
  • Wait till he sees the new tesla steering wheel

    The NSAThe NSA6 timmar sedan
  • The 205 gti was there pinnacle it beat the vw golf gti and they discontinued it .

    Robert HoughRobert Hough6 timmar sedan
  • The FN2 still looks amazing 15 years after its introduction. I'd say that it doesn't show its age the way the EP3 does simply because it's not shaped like a box (or a tupper, as it's a classic nickname for the "Type-R" nameplate) and its interior doesn't follow the traditional square design patterns. It's a shame Honda followed two different tactics in the FN2 and the FD2 bodies, equipping the first one with a rear torsion beam and the second one with a fully independent rear suspension. Both models of that generation could have the IRS and the FN2 could be as good as the FD2 and its predecessor, the EP3! That move was so, so stupid of Honda!

    Ray BoccinoRay Boccino6 timmar sedan
  • This is the oldest video I've ever seen lol

    Sand ManSand Man6 timmar sedan
  • U know u just helped him turned

    Ari 4 AriAri 4 Ari6 timmar sedan
  • Hang on just waiting for the sun to rise in my jaaaaaggg

    julian van hulstjulian van hulst6 timmar sedan
  • 7:17 This is comedy gold as a programme

    11bullo11bullo7 timmar sedan
  • Music: Boards of canada - Dawn Chorus

    Mihail KotlinMihail Kotlin7 timmar sedan
  • The red button is for subscribe

    Faiz p_mhdFaiz p_mhd7 timmar sedan
  • Doom eternal players *flashbacks*

    SamWritesMusicSamWritesMusic7 timmar sedan
    • This vid is 9years old and you still commet

      Kaiting OhKaiting Oh6 timmar sedan
  • 6:25 i never heard him say that before xDDD

    BigNoobBigNoob7 timmar sedan
  • DID he fly to japan for just that one shot ?

    Yondoyor ReactionsYondoyor Reactions7 timmar sedan
  • i feel like i want to join these top gear team

    William LeeWilliam Lee7 timmar sedan
  • Even you involve accident the ...........

    William LeeWilliam Lee7 timmar sedan
  • Oh my... LOVE that Caterham!!!

    Eric WongEric Wong7 timmar sedan
  • my grandma will nagging because the high tech car even though my family dont like using GPS .......

    William LeeWilliam Lee7 timmar sedan
  • Wooooo!!!!woooooooo!!!!🐢🍀💛💚❤🍀🐢

    Aldo ALIZÉ 🐢🍀Aldo ALIZÉ 🐢🍀7 timmar sedan
  • You basically need concert hall speakers turned on max to be able to hear anything from these clips. And then if it's a highlight video the next clip turns up the volume by 800% and you blow out your windows.

    Carpet ClimberCarpet Climber7 timmar sedan
  • why driver all same stig

    William LeeWilliam Lee7 timmar sedan
  • Its funny how this guy acted in friends

    Bradley D'CruzeBradley D'Cruze7 timmar sedan
  • this car can basically go up against shaggy

    EggscalaberEggscalaber7 timmar sedan
  • the best part is him relaxing and celebrating....still going 190mph lmao

    WARcrimeWARcrime7 timmar sedan
  • What made me sad is it’s too fast.

    IgIIgI7 timmar sedan
  • I am not a very religious man, but I do respect US Demons !

    RonnieRonnie8 timmar sedan
  • I had a buddy who owned a Bentley during the BMW ownership. He could just buy cheaper BMW parts to fix things on it. Was crazy

    elvistwattyelvistwatty8 timmar sedan
  • Am I really the only one that thinks it looks horrible? First thing I thought when I saw it in real life: Ugly, plastic rims..

    A AA A8 timmar sedan
  • fnf vibes

    simplynoasimplynoa8 timmar sedan
  • Every time I am behind a Tesla, I always cringe when I think who decided to put those ugly model badging fonts on the rear of Teslas? The ones that you can genuinely buy at the Halfords checkout and Mondeo drivers buy to put “S” or “ST” or or some other nonsense on the boot.. Why? Just Why? They are like a pus filled boil on the backside of a Supermodel.

    EADGBE2017EADGBE20178 timmar sedan
  • I wonder if more women have seen Hammond naked or paramedics?

    Jay WolfJay Wolf8 timmar sedan
  • I've always been a fan of Porsche and especially this sweet thing BUT I've never been so passionate about it like how I am now after listening to Chris talk for 19 minutes. It really feels way more special to me.

    Abdullah BasamhAbdullah Basamh8 timmar sedan
  • Mocking these people with stereotypical things they are supposed to hate is pretty insulting. I can see why you got that reaction from these people.

    Lord_HumongousLord_Humongous8 timmar sedan
  • If top gear told me it was pretty I’d believe them tbh, Idk what I’m looking at😂

    maverickM4A1carbinemaverickM4A1carbine8 timmar sedan
  • Max that he didn’t pass out

    K. ByrnmrK. Byrnmr8 timmar sedan
  • They only blured one of the virgin atlantic

    l27FWll27FWl8 timmar sedan
  • the car will become the lighting mcqueen

    MyNameIsNotMe IDKMyNameIsNotMe IDK8 timmar sedan
  • Boy,that Alpine chassis can handle way more power than the 1.8 has to offer. Wish they gave it more power.

    Be12Be128 timmar sedan
  • ❤️

    Ibrar Shah SomiiIbrar Shah Somii8 timmar sedan
  • ❤️

    Ibrar Shah SomiiIbrar Shah Somii8 timmar sedan
  • ❤️

    Ibrar Shah SomiiIbrar Shah Somii8 timmar sedan
  • I've been searching for this video for the past 6 years. :D

    TonkaTonka8 timmar sedan
  • 9,1k dislikes from Peugeot drivers

    PixelPixel9 timmar sedan
  • Doesn't help that the original 3:4 video has been stretched to something close to 16:9

    MrMrRubicMrMrRubic9 timmar sedan
  • Should've used a shackletons you know

    DJ BDJ B9 timmar sedan
  • I would absolutely love to do this someday with my mates

    TFbrix 2006TFbrix 20069 timmar sedan
  • Chiron: That's my little brother

    F HF H9 timmar sedan
  • Is the weather at England I love the weather at England. ♥️

    DarksidecatDarksidecat9 timmar sedan
  • Marky mark is a douche. He could stay over there.

    MommymilestonesMommymilestones9 timmar sedan
  • It's hilarious how fanboys drool over these useless cars. In the real world they're terrible. Far too much power for real roads. Your average hot hatch would leave them for dead. Not that I care about speed. I'd rather have a car designed for the real world. Trust me your family car is far superior to these two dick swinging trinkets. Yeah they're good at going fast on empty airfields. How does that slot into your working week?

    A Sensible Young ManA Sensible Young Man9 timmar sedan
  • You look super bitchin.

    Hana GHana G9 timmar sedan
  • The F40 always looked like a kit car to me.

    Uncle GilbertUncle Gilbert9 timmar sedan
  • yeah, but if there was a sharp turn right after that finish line, the focus rs would have held it and the mustang would've wound up in the wall lol.

    Fergus O'DalyFergus O'Daly9 timmar sedan
  • McLaren is marvellous engineered thing,🚀🔥💥💥

    Ibrahim PallikkalIbrahim Pallikkal9 timmar sedan
  • 4:10 very nais

    CrazardCrazard10 timmar sedan
  • pro

    TZ Career VlogsTZ Career Vlogs10 timmar sedan
  • Train is better then the choches

    Morgan boii OwenMorgan boii Owen10 timmar sedan
  • I click on it and it recommends videos i already watched. You hit dont recommend and it still pops up.

    Brenda RamonBrenda Ramon10 timmar sedan
  • Every time i get on youtube this video is here. How do i reset my youtube recommend?

    Brenda RamonBrenda Ramon10 timmar sedan
  • This video gets 1M view every year since it's uploaded

    255 565255 56510 timmar sedan
  • this would be sooooo much better with Jeremy Clarkson timmar sedan
  • am i the only one who don't even realy like the looks of ferrari? i like the older stuff but the newer shit looks so bad.

    RampageRampage10 timmar sedan
  • Top Gear is basically the precursor to a lot of very stupid youtube channels. "We got OUR MUMS to race around a track. What happened was CRAZY"

    I’m a moron andI’m a moron and10 timmar sedan
  • it looks like a skinny frog

    Jomar FelisildaJomar Felisilda10 timmar sedan
  • “It´s full of stars”.

    Jerrycan _hoopJerrycan _hoop10 timmar sedan
  • A new method to fill the sea with more trash

    AbueloAbuelo10 timmar sedan
  • This is what fast and furious movies should be like, not blasting guns and and that bullshit. 🤣

    Kholi KrichoKholi Kricho10 timmar sedan
  • Well that looks horrible to drive. :D I'll take a separate track car an road car any day.

    Edward ChesterEdward Chester11 timmar sedan
  • At least he didn't got beaten by The Blind Man.

    Kevin Adam DarapaiKevin Adam Darapai11 timmar sedan
  • I hope my motovlog will be recognized by many❤️❤️❤️ Stay safe everyone sana mapansin idol

    Pusit MotoVlogPusit MotoVlog11 timmar sedan
  • Yes, you beat Whiteley. But, both of you shamefully got beaten by The Blind Man. And anyway, Rest In Peace for both of them.

    Kevin Adam DarapaiKevin Adam Darapai11 timmar sedan
  • One of my favourite cars!

    AADAM ENOSAADAM ENOS11 timmar sedan
  • pissed off with the creator and the species called human and existence.

    Christos AntonopoulosChristos Antonopoulos11 timmar sedan
  • “Then you must get there via the alpine handling course……. But that’s like….. hundreds of miles”?….. no, James - it’s here you idiot, it’s just over there. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Daz EdissDaz Ediss11 timmar sedan