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Welcome to the official home of Top Gear on SEcrone. Here you will find all the best clips from your favourite episodes, whether that’s Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, Freddie Flintoff bungee jumping off a bridge, or trailers for the new series. You’ll find performance reviews in our series Chris Harris Drives, the best power laps from The Stig and super cars being put up against each other in our Drag Races. You can also find official clips going back over the years featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

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  • Probably one of the best cats he has ever driven. In Germany we call this unkaputtbar.

    Tony MahonyTony Mahony17 timmar sedan
  • thankfully two eggheads arrived :D:D

    HenkkaHenkka17 timmar sedan
  • They just filled it up...on the wrong side.

    Tony ZioTony Zio17 timmar sedan
  • It's astonishing that a car with 325 ft lbs of Torque is still for sale in 2021.

    F100 FE390F100 FE39017 timmar sedan
  • 4:47 That's where Daniel got THAT question inspiration?

    Hanna SmolejHanna Smolej17 timmar sedan
  • “Desperate shag is a skip” fucking hilarious

    IwanLadIwanLad17 timmar sedan
  • This was a stunning head turner when it came out. A friend had one of those early 90s and it was a blast driving it.

    Mike TurinMike Turin17 timmar sedan
  • 1:35 when clarkson says no to boris saying “have you ever driven a tractor fast? ” - 13 years later, clarkson “the Lamborghini R8” 😂

    Hassan AliHassan Ali18 timmar sedan
  • 4:42 stereo's on the fritz. Damn.

    Dave CrupelDave Crupel18 timmar sedan
  • The only problems they just showed with the cars, besides the steering and starting on the crossbow, were entirely to do with britain, and not the cars

    Connor McCloudConnor McCloud18 timmar sedan
  • Haters 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Andre JordaanAndre Jordaan18 timmar sedan
  • The British car industry is like their Premier League: best left to foreign players.

    Daniel StuartDaniel Stuart18 timmar sedan
  • Lol so staged…. But funny

    Josie BrownJosie Brown18 timmar sedan
  • When u order a car from carvana

    i like creeper coolest ✅i like creeper coolest ✅18 timmar sedan
  • some country...

    ssleepyssleepy18 timmar sedan
  • it doesn't age well

    fann0727fann072718 timmar sedan
  • Was the music they used from Indiana Jones? I thought I recognized it

    Aly HAly H18 timmar sedan
  • Old présentator IS better

    Aldrik SaccaviniAldrik Saccavini18 timmar sedan
  • I came back here after watching whistlindiesel :D

    TE-BOTE-BO18 timmar sedan
  • Can't see the battery range doubling from here in 5 years, let alone 2 as Chris says. Tesla is at 405 miles now with Plaid. Mercedes EQS will have about 430. Some others in the low 400s due in 6 months (one from China, one from America). Can see 400-500 mile ranges being the norm soon. But a Tesla Model 3+ with 265 miles of range that can add 80 miles in 10 minutes is pretty good in a country the size of the UK. And charged overnight on Octopus at 5p/kWh your fuel is a quarter the price of petrol! And more battery currently means more weight. And Model 3 SR+ is nice and light at 1750-1830kg

    MARK YatesMARK Yates18 timmar sedan
  • Love Nascar or DIE😂😂😂😂

    thomas jakobsenthomas jakobsen18 timmar sedan
  • Why has Clarkson's car got concrete in the boot?

    luhar420luhar42018 timmar sedan
  • Except the Plaid+ with 500+ miles of range was cancelled and the "Plaid" only has 405 miles of range in "ideal conditions".

    MARK YatesMARK Yates18 timmar sedan
  • What does BBC means?😏

    ErigubErigub18 timmar sedan
  • Any one get this after wistlen diesels vid???

    Conner OrserConner Orser18 timmar sedan
  • in alabama if a man forces himself on a woman and she gets pregnant not only can she not have an abortion but also the man has the right to shared custody of the kid. that's how insane alabama is

    ugly like ur mummaugly like ur mumma18 timmar sedan
  • You should do "Cops are people too" in a city next.

    Chase BrownChase Brown18 timmar sedan
  • It would be cool if a 20 something you tuber that likes destroying trucks would test out a hilux. Be cool to see if it could survive a 10,000 foot drop from a helicopter. Maybe one day…

    gary smithgary smith18 timmar sedan
  • The DBS is an exquisite car, a glorious piece of design. I'm gonna go on and say it, to me, personally, it is more beautiful than the, also astonishingly beautiful (no pun intended) Aston Martin DB7, and the car that made Aston, the DB5. I think that, if James Bond as a brand manages to survive the trainwreck that No Time To Die is shaping up to be, the DBS will for sure be a classic that a future Bond'll drive in the 2030s or 2040s, same as both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig's Bonds did. Fabulous car.

    Zabole MeZabole Me18 timmar sedan
  • Jet plane engine voice is like 🦁 lion's roar 😎🔱🔱🔱

    Vimal TyagiVimal Tyagi18 timmar sedan
  • Watching this doesn’t compare to the new whistlin diesel video

    Owen ZahradkaOwen Zahradka18 timmar sedan
  • Porsche sucks BMW owns Germany

    That 540i M SportThat 540i M Sport19 timmar sedan
  • No, he wouldn't get away with motorway driving. The police would stop him. One day someone will wipe him out.

    edward wigmoreedward wigmore19 timmar sedan
  • Lunatic. Using his phone, can hardly see where hes going, unsteady. Should be pulled for obstructing the highway. And it's all on utube.

    edward wigmoreedward wigmore19 timmar sedan
  • Anybody just gonna ignore the fact that there was a random banana peel in the middle of nowhere.

    James TorriJames Torri19 timmar sedan
  • Bill Cosby was innocent

    arthur itchybollixarthur itchybollix19 timmar sedan
  • The ill-informed tsunami aerobically raise because wax oceanographically preach after a level gray. determined, depressed south korea

    Turner GeorgiaTurner Georgia19 timmar sedan
  • It looks like a Pokemon

    π™π™19 timmar sedan
  • The Jeremy screams at side of trucks jajajajaja

    Angel Quinteros BaezaAngel Quinteros Baeza19 timmar sedan
  • Top Gear blasting a car being fast lol.

    Jim FeigJim Feig19 timmar sedan
  • Taycan is not the first electric car Porsche made.... the first Porsche car.. top gear.. get on the grand tour's level....

    Timo TankTimo Tank19 timmar sedan


    Farkas CiprianFarkas Ciprian19 timmar sedan
  • Wrong, wrong and wrong. The driver have total control of the gear selection. This thing that the car only select the gears is completely wrong

    Crooked ClownCrooked Clown20 timmar sedan
  • Most 600 owners are dictators... And dictators won't have problem with parking anywhere

  • How funny if they had sprayed cars at gas station with fuel and would have been the time they removed the writing from side of all vehicles and then taken off

    Beto MGBeto MG20 timmar sedan
  • What a nice country

    BrachsBrachs20 timmar sedan
  • I would take a corvette or r8 more room

    Keanu ColomaKeanu Coloma20 timmar sedan
  • Never laughed so hard

    Lee MiggsLee Miggs20 timmar sedan
  • Pretty sure most young guys with a true horsepower obsession don't also load their car up with subs, air ride, and video games.

    Caleb MitchellCaleb Mitchell20 timmar sedan
  • "Most sophisticated fighter jet"... yeah, in the sense of most over-engineered in the world. And as a result most expensive and therefore probably least wanted, at least outside of the "partners club". But I agree, it's perfect for an epic show like this - chasing with another super expensive thing like McLaren Speedtail. Good show!

    Vladimir SafonovVladimir Safonov20 timmar sedan
  • I've been on a smaller car - It's called a "motorcycle" Even has two less Wheels!

    Spit DragonSpit Dragon20 timmar sedan

    Theekshana JayarathnaTheekshana Jayarathna20 timmar sedan
  • The productive estimate preoperatively type because shingle feasibly announce pace a oafish government. puffy, wholesale station

    Alan TorresAlan Torres20 timmar sedan
  • "...250 miles an aarrrr." ~ Richard Hammond

    demonsinmybrain _demonsinmybrain _20 timmar sedan
  • 4:25

    sam kilpatricksam kilpatrick20 timmar sedan

    di ggedi gge20 timmar sedan
  • We want a demon vs supra

    Leo CarasqLeo Carasq20 timmar sedan
  • Seriously tho imagine how much this thing would sell for if you stole it

    depredepre20 timmar sedan
  • ofc 69 5:43

    esketitesketit20 timmar sedan
  • The deep steam therapeutically change because preface oddly fasten off a materialistic fired. imperfect, flowery news

    Alan TorresAlan Torres21 timme sedan
  • I think a fighter jet like canopy on that would have been an excellent choice for all weather protection!

    AdarshAdarsh21 timme sedan
  • 😨😨❤️❤️

    Maryam RahimiMaryam Rahimi21 timme sedan
  • What is the music at 7:00

    Daan BuschDaan Busch21 timme sedan
  • Most of it also applies to Land Rover, except you cannot drive a Land Rover at temperatures below -20.

    Toomas VendelinToomas Vendelin21 timme sedan
  • A fully extended Mercedes 600 Grosser (what means BIGGER!!!) weighed 4 tons and was a moving fortress.

    asrsiasrsi21 timme sedan
  • A fully extended Mercedes 600 Grosser (what means BIGGER!!!) weighed 4 tons and was a moving fortress.

    asrsiasrsi21 timme sedan
  • Ha...ha...ha...

  • es el programa mas absurdo wue he visto en mi vida

    erer21 timme sedan
  • 1:44 I think he’s started to dye his hair. He’s 45, there isn’t a grey…you know Paul McCartney?

    interstate366interstate36621 timme sedan
  • W T F ?

    TV!TV!21 timme sedan